Aolani Peiper

Aolani is a Native Hawaiian graduate from Fort Lewis College, where as a freshman she started doing work with the Real Food Challenge in 2015. She and her family are from the Big Island of Hawai’i where she grew to be an activist and an advocate for food justice in her community. Aolani saw the impact and effects of Big Food and agriculture on her island and what Kanaka Maoli (native hawaiians) were facing and had to do something about it. While being a student at Fort Lewis, she discovered the Real Food Challenge and the environmental center on her campus. She coordinated and organized the team towards the efforts of 20% real food by 2020 for four years during her college career. She continues to work with the Real Food Generation as a training core organizer for Uprooted and Rising to fight for food sovereignty and make this a right and not a privilege for all marginalized communities including her own.

Aolani’s pronouns are she/her/hers.