We harness the power of youth and universities to create a food system that truly nourishes us all



We’re exposing and opposing the ways in which higher education institutions uphold the Big Food agenda and the culturally-entrenched system of white supremacy that enables it. Simultaneously, we are building the food system we need - one defined by food sovereignty and Real Food.

Uprooted & Rising

The Uprooted & Rising movement aims to end university support for Big Food corporations and white supremacy in the food system, and direct the energy of our generation toward food sovereignty. With young people at the helm, we are mobilizing hundreds of thousands of people through public action, storytelling, and digital organizing, all centering those who have been marginalized by corporate control and white supremacy in our food system.


Real Meals Campaign

Led by an intergenerational coalition uniting students with farmers, fishers, and food workers, the Real Meals campaign aims to transform the $18 billion cafeteria industry. We are calling on the three biggest cafeteria contractors in the world - Aramark, Sodexo and Compass Group - to do their part in fighting climate change, racism, and inequality in the food chain.


Real Food Challenge

Since 2008, we’ve been training and supporting students to lead campaigns and make Real Food product shifts on their campuses. To date, we’ve won commitments to local, sustainable, fair, and/or humane food sources at 80+ schools, amounting to $80+ million annually. Our Real Food Challenge program also maintains the Real Food Standards and equips students to monitor their school’s purchases with our Real Food Calculator.


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